Published articles

Selected commentary and reports from news sites, online magazines and political blogs.

The Bibi circus rolls into town
+972 Magazine, 16 Mar 2015 (with Camilla Schick)

Parks and Occupation: Archaeology is the new security
+972 Magazine, 7 Mar 2015

Under Fire in the West Bank
The London Review of Books blog, 28 Jan 2015

Settlement through Excavation
The London Review of Books blog, 5 Sep 2014

Chained to the Fence: Inequality in East Jerusalem
Fair Observer, 28 Aug 2014

When ‘not in my name’ is all you have in the face of a massacre 
+972 Magazine, 13 Aug 2014 (republishing of ‘DYKE GO LIVE IN GAZA’ blog entry)

The other ‘1 percent’: On refugees and Passover
+972 Magazine, 13 Apr 2014 (with Rebecca De Vries)

Israel’s Asylum Seekers
The London Review of Books blog, 3 Feb 2014

A History of Violence: African Asylum Seekers in Israel
Fair Observer, 29 Jan 2014

On left-wing NGOs and asylum seekers, ‘Jerusalem Post’ is all double-speak
+972 Magazine, 8 Jan 2014

Days of rage: Refusing to hand over Jewish history
+972 Magazine, 21 Dec 2013

In Israel’s trade catalog, arms and asylum seekers are equal commodities
+972 Magazine, 10 Jul 2013

Fact checking racist incitement against African refugees in Israel
+972 Magazine, 18 Jun 2013

Violence against asylum seekers in Tel Aviv continues
ARDC Israel newsletter, 25 May 2013

Welcome to the Suck
Open Zion on The Daily Beast, 14 November 2012

Israeli bureaucracy leaves Sudanese vulnerable to arrest
+972 Magazine, 11 November 2012

Israel’s lethal apathy towards refugees
Haaretz English online, 24 September 2012

An unholy alliance of confusion and hostility
Liberal Judaism Today, September/October 2012 (pg 8)

Grimm vs Andersen
Yachad blog, 24 April 2012

Postcard from North Korea
Artvehicle, 2007

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