Greetings from the Motherland

Hi all,

I’m currently in St. Petersburg, writing from the lobby of our hotel. It’s situated on the Nevsky Prospect, which is the most famous street in the city. It’s an absolutely amazing road; reminiscent of the Champs-Elysees – very wide and lined with opulent buildings.

We’ve already had a 3-hour walking tour of the city with our amiable tour guide Sergey. It’s an absolutely phenomenal place, especially the Winter Palace and the Palace Square. Walking into the square I had one of those rare ‘aesthetic attitude’ moments – for a split second, your mind ceases to make cognitive judgments and just reels from the beauty it is witnessing. I’m praying that it’s lit up by night, as I’m going back there later with Jeremy (my brother) to take some more photographs.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my memory card reader with me, so until I acquire one I can’t post photos. *facedesk*

Other interesting snippets – Russian taxis don’t have seatbelts in the back, the activity on the bank of the river near the Palace Bridge resembles a Richard Curtis film (many, many brides) and my brother has tried bear meat for the first time – needless to say, I am shocked and disgusted (although secretly impressed at his culinary bravery).

That’s enough from me – next stop Moscow.

Best quote so far: “The only mother I have is Russia.” (Thanks to Jeremy for that one – rest assured it was meant purely as a snide political comment, and should not in any way be interpreted as a desire for emancipation).

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